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How do we implement and customize advanced CRM solutions?


1 – Analysis of your sales and business processes




We can help you answer the essential initial questions, such as:

  • Does your company communicate with your customers well?
  • Do you know which opportunities are currently open in the market?
  • Which sales activities do you run and how could you do this better?
  • How satisfied are your sales people and how to help them?

Once you have the whole picture, it will be much easier to identify the goals you want to achieve with the implementation of a CRM system.

2 – Planning and preparation of a strategy for the implementation of a CRM solution






 With our knowledge and experience, we will help you clearly define measurable goals and KPIs, determine the exact procedure for the implementation of a CRM solution and set time frames.

Likewise, we will point out any pitfalls and bottlenecks that may occur, and propose suitable solutions to avoid them.

3 – Implementation and upgrades of the CRM solution





Our experts will guide you through the entire process of implementation. They will make sure the implementation will proceed according to the plan and especially within the set time and financial frameworks. In the case of connection with other systems, they will also communicate with external partners.

4 – Migration of existing data into the CRM solution





The transfer of existing data from other systems or different tables that you use in your company can be a very complicated process. With years of experience, we have developed methods and tools to very quickly migrate your data to a new CRM system – without any loss or duplication of data.

5 – Training of users




Despite the evident benefits CRM brings to an organization, it is not necessary that all employees will accept the changes positively. It is important for the CRM to be presented to them not as a burden, but as a tool which will help them. For your employees, we organize regular online seminars, courses and events where we present examples of good practices in the areas of sales, CRM and marketing. At your request, we can also prepare individual customized training at your headquarters – to present all the opportunities and benefits brought of a modern CRM to your team.

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