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Frequently Asked Questions

How and when?

How and when can I start using AgileProCRM?

You can use AgileProCRM anytime and anywhere. You only need a web browser and an internet connection to access the application. You need no extra devices or programs. Simply fill in the form on the webpage and you will get access to your own application immediately.

30 days free

What happens after the 30-day free trial?

A few days before your trial expires, you will be contacted by one of our consultants to discuss any questions & suggestions and to help you find the most appropriate package for your needs. All data you have entered will be saved. If you decide to not continue, after the expiry of 30 days from the initial log in, the application will lock and your data will be deleted.


How much do the additional adjustments cost?

Additional adjustments are calculated by the actual time spent. Our consultants consider your wishes in detail, offering an assessment of the required time and after your confirmation the adjustments are made.


We use an ERP system. Is there a way to connect our existing accounting program with AgileProCRM?

Yes, AgileProCRM can be conneceted to existing systems in your company. Before you decide to connect, you have to precisely define the the contents which you want your synchronization procedure to include. In the majority of cases, we synchronize contact information first then handle the transfer of other data from your ERP system to AgileProCRM. The clients, financial and content data can automatically transfer between different systems. Users save a lot of energy by not having to enter data several times.

Introducing changes

We have no time to introduce changes and a new way of working but we are aware that we need IT tools. How much time do we need for an introduction?

Before your introduction to AgileProCRM, our experts will want to become familiar with your business processes in detail. They will advise you on how to best improve your work process with AgileProCRM. In cooperation with you, our advisors optimally adapt the application so it can be seamlessly included into your existing work habits with few fundamental changes to your work methods. Your employees will only spend one to two hours in the Beginners Instruction.

Users number

Can the number of active users change monthly?

Yes it can. You can define the number of active users every month, and by that optimise the monthly costs. Inactive users are temporarily blocked. That means they cannot access AgileProCRM, but their data (information) remains in the database. We can re-active users at anytime.

Stop using

How can I stop using AgileProCRM?

You can discontinue using it at any time without any further obligations. In case of termination, you should inform us one month in advance. Upon termination, we export your data into an appropriate format then within one month, your application is deleted. A few days before, you will be contacted by a consultant to discuss any questions and/or suggestions, to agree on any following steps and select the most appropriate package. All data you have already entered will be saved. If you decided to not continue, after 30 days from the initial log on, the application will lock and the data will be deleted.


What happens with the data when the lease of AgileProCRM is terminated?

Upon termination of AgileProCRM all data is transferred to the user in standard CSV format. In 30 days the data in the base is deleted.

End users

Who are the AgileProCRM end users?

AgileProCRM applications are especially adjusted for small and mid-sized companies but they are also appropriate for big business systems. Considering the different needs of each market, we have prepared many different application models which are adjusted to individual niches (marketing agencies, building and project offices, translation agencies, radio stations, B2B and B2C companies, civil service, etc.)


Our business processes have not been defined yet. Are later adjustments to the application possible?

Of course! That’s what makes AgileProCRM so special. Our advisors can help you define your business processes. You can also make adjustments later, when the project is finished and you have already started using AgileProCRM.


How much time does it take for you to adapt AgileProCRM to our needs?

Relatively simple changes in the application can be made in less than one hour after you send us the order, or even during a telephone conversation. Since this is a web application, visiting subscribers is usually not necessary since we can do all necessary adjustments via remote access.

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